Tuesday, August 2, 2016

AFAAS is in the process of forming and/or strengthening thematic working groups at, Country and regional level, in different themes including; post-harvest management, climate change, gender in RAS, ICT for RAS among others. These will be instrumental in giving technical guidance on policy and practice and to contribute to institutionalization of the themes at country and regional levels.

First, as you may have already known, AFAAS is piloting Post-Harvest Management in Benin and Mozambique through the country fora of the two countries as phase 1 of the project. It is envisaged that PHM will be scaled out to other countries in phase 2. To prepare good ground for scale out, AFAAS would like to establish functioning Post-Harvest Management (PHM) working groups within each country forum and at regional level. The activity of the working groups will give a strong justification for selecting the country for scale out.

Secondly, the national PHM working groups will nominate members to constitute the regional PHM working group, to be formed in October 2016 during the GFRAS annual meeting. The members of the working groups will be required to register on the AFAAS virtual platform and their profiles will be visible on the PHM group page of AFAAS virtual platform.  Other means of discussions may also be agreed mutually based on accessibility, feasibility and practicability.

For  more information, contact your country forum focal point person.  For more information on the Terms of Reference, feel free to contact Mr. Jerry Egessa Tingle; Coordinator,  PHM  Project at  AFAAS Secretariat; e-mail:, Skype: egessa.jerry.t; Mob: +256782590449.



Lizzy Igbine's picture
Lizzy Igbine
August 3, 2016 - 01:55

Dear Forum Members, Please can we have a copy of list of Countrys leaders listed on this website so that we may know who to contact on post harvest loss committee. I am from Nigeria,

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