News:Narrowing the gap between knowing and doing agriculture

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We do share a blog story by Charles Dhewa on "Narrowing the gap between knowing and doing agriculture". According to him, closing the gap between what is known and what is done in agriculture and rural development remains a challenge for many developing countries. Although it is known that agricultural and rural development practices should be based on solid evidence, many people continue to rely on their gut feelings for important decisions and judgement.  One of the reasons is that ICTs are churning out far too much information than can be absorbed and converted into useful decisions.   As a result, many agricultural and rural development interventions have achieved modest success.  On the other hand, the African formal education system assumes if good research is available and well communicated, farmers, traders, consumers and policy makers will act on it. The fact that this is not happening calls for the need to re-examine existing agricultural evidence and current knowledge sharing methods.  Designing effective ways of moving knowledge into action is becoming one of the most important activities. More


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