Resource:Newly published book on “Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Climate Change in Africa”

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - 7:53am

Climate change and its impacts on smallholder farmers have become increasingly topical issue in policy debates and development agenda, especially in Africa where farming in mainly rainfed. Over several generations, farmers have developed some indigenous knowledge in response to climatic uncertainties.  What different IK practices are still used by smallholder farmers to manage climate change?  To what extent is IK actions still relevant in contemporary situations, taking into account population growth and climate change? What can we learn from farmers as they continuously contend with the impact of climate change?

A newly published book, Mafongoya, P.L. and Ajayi, O.C. (editors), 2017, Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Climate Change Management in Africa, published by CTA provides insights to these and other questions. 

The book is available for download online on:


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