U-Goats Network


Provide a forum for enabling contacts between stakeholders in the goat industry.  Establish goat breed societies in Uganda.

About our Organization

U-Goats is still in the process of being registered as a national NGO.  In the meantime, mobilisation is being carried out to establish groups at sub-regional, district, sub-county and lower levels.

U-Goats is primarily concerned with networking.  Meetings will be held where knowledge can be shared directly, but the main aim is to link stakeholders so that they can effectively network outside of formal meetings.

Given the chaotic current situation regarding breed identification, one of the aims of the network will be to establish breed societies so that identifying quality breeding stock can be formalised.  Such breed societies can include exotic breeds, Ugandan versions of exotic breeds (i.e. high-grade crosses of defined minimum grade), breeds developed from indigenous goats and synthetic breeds developed from crossbred goats.

Member since: 05/12/17