News:U-Goats in Central Uganda - an opportunity for networking

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Launching a goat development network for NE-Central

Wednesday 13th Dec, Mukono

What is U-Goats?

You are!  U-goats is a network that links individual farmers, groups of farmers, CBOs, NGOs, commercial suppliers, government agencies etc so that we can share ideas to make goat development effective and sustainable.  That depends on getting people involved - which is why we are writing to you. 

Previous attempts at setting up goat networks were very top-down, and dependent on external funding. When the funding stopped, the network collapsed. Knowledge is wealth and we believe that people will be prepared to invest the time and transport costs to get the information that can make their projects succeed. So U-Goats is aiming to not be dependent on any external organisation, only the commitment of its members.

Is U-Goats in my area?

To make it easy for people to get together, we need to have local meetings. Provisionally, we have divided Uganda into 14 sub-regions. We are already setting up regional networks for Egon, SW-Central and Rwenzori regions; as well as working on registration at national level. Now we want to extend to NW-Central

We are also inviting people from the neighbouring sub-region of Busoga to the launch, so that they can participate while they plan to set up their own network.

When & Where?

We will be having a half-day meeting in Mukono to kick off the regional network

      Bright Parents Nursery & Primary School
      Kisowera, 4½ km north of Mukono Town Centre

      Time & Date
      Weds 13th Dec
      09:30 prompt

      Contact details
David Dowdy 0782 486749, 0700 372460 (convener)
      Kiggundu Bruno 0772 897266 (host)


Click to see map of how to get there

How can I prepare?

  • Have a look at the website that is being constructed, view your sub-region and let us know what is happening there that we have missed.
  • Think about what you want from a goat development network and come to the meeting on 13th December ready to give your opinions.

            David Dowdy


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