News:Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services-Kenya (KeFAAS)  AgLINK Newsletter.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services-Kenya (KeFAAS) has the pleasure to present its 4th issue of the AgLINK Newsletter. The newsletter provides an excellent platform for sharing of information and experiences among KeFAAS members and all stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

The Newsletter is produced quarterly and the management welcomes views on the covered content. This will enable us to improve editorial quality as we maintain timely production and dissemination of future editions. We sincerely thank everyone who supported the production of this edition of the Newsletter.

This issue features content that make smallholder farmers play pivotal role towards attaining food security if supported and guided accordingly. The small holder farmers have limited access to appropriate knowledge and information and they therefore continue to practice agriculture as a traditional activity, rarely embracing new technologies and innovations.

Download the Newsletter from here:


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