News:Mamadou Tambadou, Membre Fondateur de FOSCAR-Mali decoré Par le Gouvernement du Mali

Monday, February 26, 2018

Founding member of Radio Action Impact and FOSCAR-Mali, in charge of agricultural entrepreneurship at FOSCAR-Mali Mamadou Tambadou is a young hor pair. Endowed with an extraordinary reflex and a capacity of exceptional analise, this young person under 40 years believes in the development of Africa, "if all the Africans agree to suffer for the agriculture so that they can we are grateful " 

Born in a family of great traders specializing in the import trade of agricultural products from Europe, including milk, Mamadou Tambadou from the age of maturity, ie 18 years, was sent by his family in France to perfect his family learning. after two months he refused to stay there and returned home. He then separated from the family business to start an experience condierée "unusual" by the business world. He wants to promote agriculture in his country through the processing of agricultural products. Without money, he quickly faces the realities of life. However he does not back down. He worked even more. he integrated several networks and in a few years the reputation of being "the Genie" of the business was forged. 

He opened a small bakery in Kalaban Koro, which was transferred to Sabalibougou. In Daoudabougou, he opened a shop selling food products. Benefiting from the trust of major programs such as the PCDA (National Program for Agricultural Competitiveness and Diversification), he is setting up a field of education and training of producers in Yanfolila. So, Madougou Agro Business is taking off. Mamadou Tambadou has never been to school, but in every discussion with the development experts, his analysis is still used as a solution to the challenges of employability of young people. Convinced of his commitment, he employs several young graduates and non-graduates. Indefatigable, intelligent, committed, voluntary, eager to know, he is quickly spotted by large organizations and projects such as IFDC, AMASSA Green Africa, JEGE NI JABA, ICCCO, AgriProfocus, AVDRC, ICRAF, ICRISAT, BARAMUSO. in 2016, during the fair in Ouagadougou, he was selected to represent Mali at the 2017 ChicAfrica Economic Forum.

At his first participation, he won the Innovation Award His luck wanted that 2017 had been designated year of Mali at the Economic Forum ChicAfrica. In recognition of his commitment, he was decorated Tuesday, February 13, 2018 by the public authorities of Mali Knight of National Merit with Effigie Abeille.

Through Mamadou Tambadou, FOSCAR-Mali is crowned by this success of Endogenous Knowledge in addition to the knowledge learned at school.


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